Standing Orders, Directives & Circulars for conduct of local body elecions

Sr. No Subject
1 Instructions regarding number of proposers required in zilla panchayat election. 
2 Instructions regarding Form A/ Form B for filing Nomination by a candidate sponsored by a political party. 
3 Filing of Form A & B in zilla panchayat election. 
4 Registration and Acceptance of Nomination Forms in election to the village panchayat/ zilla panchayat. 
5 Restriction on the number of vehicles and people allowed at the time of nomination in zilla panchayat elections. 
6 Allotment of Symbols in zilla panchayat election 
7 Clarification regarding allotment of Symbol to Candidates sponsored by the Registered unrecognized parties. 
8 Instructions regarding preparation of list of validly nominated and contesting candidates. 
9 Duties and responsibilities of the district Magistrates in Elections of the local bodies. 
10 Duties & Responsibilities of the General Observer appointed by the Commission. 
11 Monitoring of election expenditure incurred by the candidates in local body elections. 
12 Duties & Responsibilities of the Expenditure Observer appointed by the Commission. 
13 Deployment of flying Squad. 
14 Use of Loudspeaker / Sound System for public meetings and on the vehicles used for campaign / propaganda. 
15 Use of Banners/ flags during the Election Campaign. 
16 Use of Videographer during Election. 
17 Regarding engaging services of the Booth Level Officer (BLO) in the elections to the local bodies. 
18 Identity of Elector on the Polling Day. 
19 Appointment of Polling agent. 
20 Issue of Postal Ballot. 
21 Regarding release of funds for elections to ROs / AROs and district Collectors. 
22 Payment of allowance to the police personnel deployed on election duty. 
23 Payment of allowances to General Observers and Expenditure Observers and their drivers while on election duty. 
24 Rate chart of material for campaigning 
25 Requisitioning authority for premises, vehicles, staff etc for local body elections. 
26 Restriction on number of Nomination papers for local body elections.
27 Appointment of polling agent for Municipal and CCP Election
28 Corrigendum regarding System for maintenance of accounts by the candidates
29 Corrigendum regarding Flying Squad