The Goa State Election Commission is a one man Commission consisting of the Commissioner who is appointed by the Governor under Article 243 K and 243 ZA of the Constitution of India read with Section 237 of the Goa Panchayat Raj Act, 1994 and Section l0A of the Goa Municipalities Act, 1968. The State Election Commission has been entrusted with the responsibilities of conducting the election to the urban and rural local self-government bodies viz. the Village Panchayats, the Zilla Panchayats and of the Municipal Councils in accordance with the provisions contained in the relevant election procedure rules. The Commission is also required to conduct elections to the Municipal Corporation of the City of Panaji.

In addition to the functions of conducting the elections to the local bodies, the Commission has also to function as a quasi-judicial body for the purpose of deciding and disposing of the appeals relating to disqualification of the members of the Village Panchayats and the Zilla Panchayats