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YEAR 2015
1. General Election to Zilla Panchayats 2015
Year 2017
1. Bye Election Nuvem, Curtorim, Corlim and Calangute Zilla Panchayat Constituencies.
Year 2019
1. Bye election to Taleigao Zilla Panchayat Constituency.
2. Bye election to Querim Zilla Panchayat Constituency.
Year 2020
1. General Election to Zilla Panchayats 2020
Year 2021
1. Bye Election to 16- Navelim Zilla Panchayat Constituency.
Year 2022
1. Bye Election to 12- Reis Magos Constituency of North Goa Zilla Panchayat and 13- Davorlim and 25- Cortalim Constituency of South Goa Zilla Panchayat .